It's Never Game Over

An action-adventure animated series paying homage to video games, old and new, and how they've taught us we are not defined by our failures, but by how we overcome them.

The Story

After losing all her levels, an elite Bit Warrior teams up with an overpowered sprite to stop a vengeful virus from reigning chaos across the Bit Verse.

Meet Data and Nat.Data is a cocky sprite who dreams of becoming a mighty Bit Warrior. Ambitious, impulsive, and ready to help everyone - heroism just runs through his code!Through her top notch analysis and fierce dedication, Nat surpassed her role as a data collector. Now, she's not only a bit warrior, but she stands above as one of the elites!

Enter NPC
After a virus raid on valor arena, a cloaked virus relishes in knowing the Master Shard - the key to the Bit-Verse is within his grasp.
The only things standing between him and ultimate corruption are Data and Nat.

Nothing but mere warriors, NPC overwhelms them with his power - draining Nat of all of her levels, items, and power.Within moments of losing everything, Data grabs the master shard.

The shard erupts with power, basking everything in a white light.Waking up in the hospital, Data and Nat learn three things:1. Nat has been reset to level 1.
2. Data is now bonded to the master shard as it's wielder.
3. NPC will hunt them to the ends of the seven worlds to obtain the shard.
With their destiny at hand, Nat must train Data to become the ultimate warrior, so he can one day face NPC - whether he wants to or not.

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The Studio

"Experience is your greatest weapon"Nuboom Studios is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds, from different places all around the world. Unified by the desire to share stories that touch people.Whether it's coming to a new country, to overcoming stigmas, to mental health and more. We want to cross the borders and create shows and characters that mean something.Bit Wars is the first of many of these shows. To us, it's not about facing game over, it's about using your next life with your failure as a tool for your greatest success.Because despite even overwhelming odds, a true warrior learns from every quest, and you can always get back up, and try again.

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